J.J. Abrams strikes back
BBM/Nielsen Top 30: Sept. 8 – 14, 2008

Abrams' Fringe attracts the most viewers for the week.

Here are the national champs (for all persons 2+; all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen for Sept. 8-14, 2008.

Monday: Canadian Idol, on CTV at 9 pm, remained on top with an average minute audience of 1.467 million viewers (up from 1.334 million last Monday).

Tuesday: Fringe, on CTV at 8 pm, was the winner with 1.539 million viewers (replacing Global’s 90210, which was at 1.358 million viewers last week).

Wednesday: Bones, on Global at 8 pm, kept the top spot with an average minute audience of 1.451 million viewers (down from 1.663 million last week).

Thursday: Flashpoint, on CTV at 10 pm, finished first with 1.289 million viewers (replacing CSI on CTV, which was at 1.314 million viewers last week).

Friday: CTV’s evening news at 6 pm won again with an average minute audience of 1.223 million viewers (up from 1.195 million viewers last week).

Saturday: CTV’s evening weekend news at 6 pm took the top spot with 884,000 viewers (down from 973,000 viewers last week).

Sunday: So You Think You Can Dance Canada, on CTV at 8 pm, was the winner with 1.244 million viewers (replacing Big Brother 10 on Global, which was at 1.124 million viewers last week).

For lists of the top 30 TV shows nationally and by region for the week, according to BBM/Nielsen, please click on the links below: