Toons for Toddlers launches in Canadian cinemas

Sponsors can participate on screen and through pre-show demos - but they must have pizzazz to keep tot attention.

To build upon the success of the cinema series Movies for Mommies in Canada, Sunflower Productions is creating a new movie experience, partnering with Toronto’s The Licensing Shop to bring Toons for Toddlers to the country.

With Movies for Mommies’ active database of more than 14,000 moms across the Great White North, Sunflower president Robyn Green-Ruskin saw a demand for regularly scheduled theatrical events for moms as the babies become tots.

The new initiative offers parents with kids ages two to five a chance to hit the theaters for preschool-friendly one-hour shows rather than full-length feature films. Participating cinemas will also have brighter lights and softer sound to create a more family-friendly experience.

Sunflower is handling the theatrical and marketing side, while The Licensing Shop will manage content programming and sponsorship coordination. Opportunities for brand involvement include on-screen advertising, demonstrations, and pre-show flyer giveaways, says Nancy Fowler, executive VP of The Licensing Shop. ‘Anyone that can bring some pizzazz, some fun elements, and add to the experience – we’re encouraging those kind of partners,’ Fowler says. Huggies Pull-Ups is a current sponsor of the program.

The program will launch in the Greater Toronto Area March 28 and 29 with eps from BBC’s In the Night Garden, then roll out to 15 other theaters in major cities across Canada on April 4 and 5, including French showings.