CP24 gets on the GO

The breaking news channel will now provide exclusive Go Transit updates for suburban commuters in a new segment, with room for sponsors to get on board.

Toronto is a traffic- and transit-obsessed city, and in order to satisfy its viewers’ appetite for commuter info, CP24 has entered into an exclusive partnership with Go Transit to provide live updates throughout morning and evening rush hours.

In the new section, which is open for sponsorship, says CP24 VP Bob McLaughlin, three presenters from Go Transit (one of whom is pictured here, Diane Bedard) will join the CP24 news team with updates twice every half an hour in the morning, and once every half hour during evening rush hour programming for TV and radio on CP24 1050.

‘Our surveys show that people want this information both on the traffic front and on the commuter front,’ McLaughlin tells MiC. ‘We wanted to make an effort to reach out to all of our viewers.’ About 55 million passengers take Go Transit every year, commuting to and from suburban areas in the Greater Toronto Area.

In March, CP24 added a new three-and-a-half hour morning breakfast show that features weather and traffic specialists, including a reporter who delivers news from the station’s helicopter, the Chopper 24.

‘One of the reasons we added this new breakfast show in the way that we did was to ensure that we offered all kinds of sponsorship opportunities. This is just an extension of that,’ McLaughlin says.