Cruisin’ in a BMW Mini with strap-on arms

In a guerrilla stunt by Taxi 2, a Mini convertible cruise session became an exciting roller coaster ride through downtown Toronto as the driver's (fake) arms stretched far out above his head.

Creative brains at Taxi 2, Mini’s ad agency, decided that merely taking the new convertible out for a test drive wasn’t enough to experience the thrill of the wheels – they wanted to create some grassroots buzz in the streets as well. In early June, heads in downtown Toronto were spinning as a man was seen driving the little red Mini – with no hands!

Well, not exactly; careless traffic violations weren’t actually made as the driver’s own arms were affixed to the wheel, but Lance Martin, ECD TAXI 2, created a set of strap-on outstretched arms in his basement, which were attached to the driver’s seat.

Heads turned, people looked up from their patio brunches and some even raised their arms and went for the roller coaster ride along with them. The Just for Laughs-like reactions can be seen in a video of the stunt which will be posted on the Mini Channel on YouTube.