West Valley Market launches tiny OOH effort

Taxi Vancouver set up miniature food-themed scenes to promote the small, local grocer.

In what might be the smallest OOH campaign ever, Taxi Vancouver set up miniature scenes outside condos and on grassy verges along streets in Vancouver’s west end to promote the West Valley Market, a small, family-run grocery store. The miniatures, set up Friday, depict roughly a dozen scenes, such as a tiny farm, a diminutive Zen garden and a miniscule Italian feast. The scenes are accompanied by signs with slogans like ‘A small taste of the farm,’ ‘A small taste of Japan’ and ‘A small taste of Italy’ along with the store’s name.

Branded magnets were also placed throughout the neighbourhood on lampposts, fire hydrants and virtually any other metal object the Taxi staff could find. The miniatures and magnets follow the distribution of 500 small pots planted with vegetables with signs reading, ‘A small taste of the farm – West Valley Market.’ The pots were put on doorsteps and in public places in the area and were free to take.

The campaign is targeting people who live in the area but might not be aware of the store, according to Michael Mayes, creative director at Taxi Vancouver. ‘It’s a very small market and I think people often pass it by for some of the bigger stores. So we just wanted to bring attention to the various products they have.’

‘I wanted a way to let people know that we have a really eclectic food selection, both local and international,’ says West Valley Market owner Colin Lo. ‘Taxi Vancouver definitely came up with a big idea on a pretty modest budget.’