Bell Internet cuts a hole in OOH ads

In a new campaign launched yesterday, major OOH executions appearing across Ontario and Quebec target the laptop-carrying demo, including a chopped billboard that reveals the brick wall underneath.

Laptops, students, Internet – the three are inseparable, and the connection is exploited in a new campaign for Bell Internet, launched this week in Ontario and Quebec. More than half of all computers sold are laptops, and about 90% of university students opt for one instead of a desktop, says Nicolas Poitras, senior director for Bell Residential Services.

And while students aren’t the only target of the OOH reach, some of the school shopping spree-related aspects of the campaign include eco-cabs riding around campuses and an ‘Are you afraid of commitment?’ quiz on Facebook, promoting Bell’s no-contract messaging.

On the broader front, the campaign uses major OOH executions because, ‘you can’t shut it off, and it works so well in a visual sense,’ says Scot Keith, GM of Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo, which developed the creative. Media planning and buying was handled by Cossette.

In one execution, a section of the board is cut out revealing the actual brick wall underneath (pictured). Two ambient boards on the sides of buildings tout the message: ‘A wall of Wi-Fi Security. Bell Internet. Perfect for laptops.’

Images of people coming out of laptops will be seen for the next month in OOH, print, online and digital screen executions in the two provinces. Starting next week at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto, a ‘Perfect for laptops’ message will flash simultaneously on four large digital screens, as the larger-than-life images pop into the laptops.

TSAs and mall posters will also appear in proximity to Starbucks locations to showcase the free Wi-Fi that Bell provides for its customers in the coffee shops. And online, ads appear on sites like,,, and, says Keith.