Dancers topple Brother – BBM/Nielsen Aug. 24 – Aug. 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Canada pirouettes over Big Brother to grab the most viewers.


Here are the national top-ranked shows (for all persons 2+; all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen for Aug. 24 – Aug. 30, 2009.

Monday: Law and Order: CI on CTV at 9 pm continues its four-week run in the top spot on Monday nights with 1.178 million viewers. (Last week, the drama attracted 1.165 million viewers.)

Tuesday: The hottest day on this week’s list, with So You Think You Can Dance Canada on CTV at 10 pm taking first place overall with 1.357 million viewers, followed closely by the #2 show overall, Big Brother on Global at 9 pm, with 1.313 million viewers. (Last week, Big Brother was tops with 1.226 million viewers.)

Wednesday: CTV Evening News at 6 pm stole CSI: New York’s thunder from last week, grabbing 1.1 million viewers, which was slightly less than CSI: New York‘s 1.107 million-strong viewership last week on CTV at 10 pm.

Thursday: Big Brother on Global at 10 pm rallied back from its defeat on Tuesday with the winning spot on Thursday, attracting 1.268 million viewers. (Last week’s Thursday champ was CSI on CTV at 9 pm with 1.027 million viewers.)

Friday: CTV Evening News at 6 pm was tops again on Friday, repeating last week’s performance and earning 1.1 million viewers, slightly more than last week. (The Friday previous, the news show had 1.025 viewers.)

Saturday: It was CTV National News at 11 pm in first place on Saturday this week with 878,000 viewers, beating out last week’s Saturday winner CTV Evening News at 6 pm. (The dinner-time news show attracted 904,000 viewers last week.)

Sunday: CBC Sunday Night News at 10 pm remained on top this week, and in third place overall, with 1.311 viewers. (Last week, the show earned 1.068 viewers.)