Canucks want TV everywhere, says study

No surprise here. Most Canadians want to be able view their favourite cable programs on the web or their mobile devices.


A new study finds nearly seven out of 10 Canadian TV viewers want to be able to access their cable channels on the web or mobile.

According to Toronto-based research firm SRG’s Digital Life Canada study, the findings are consistent with consumer enthusiasm for the ‘TV Everywhere’ concept, promoted by media conglomerates Time Warner and Comcast in the US. Both companies are reportedly set to begin trials of broadband video services – paving the way for pay-TV subscribers to watch premium cable content online.

The majority of Canucks polled say being able to watch their favourite cable TV shows on the web or mobile is an ‘excellent’ (26%) or ‘good’ (41%) idea. Some of the top reasons cited are that it’s easy, convenient, that viewers can watch while travelling and that they can take full advantage of their paid subscriptions. Some respondents were skeptical about an always-reliable stream, as well as potential compatibility issues, according to the study.

The study says there was little difference between the views of customers of major cable and satellite carriers. Among Shaw and Videotron customers, 68% like the idea, while among Bell and Rogers subscribers, the number was roughly 65%.


From Playback Daily