Big Brother goes one-two for top spot

The reality show takes Tuesday and Thursday, with nearest rival being Tuesday's food-fest Hell's Kitchen.

Here are the top ranked shows in Canada (for all persons 2+; all times ET) according to BBM/Neilsen for Aug. 31 to Sept. 6, 2009.

Monday: Making it five in a row, Law and Order: CI on CTV at 9 continued its Monday-night dominance this week with 1.457 million viewers. (Last week the show garnered 1.178 million viewers.)

Tuesday: Big Brother 11 on Global at 9 pm rolled into the top spot on Tuesday with 1.808 million viewers, taking the boots to last week’s winner, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, which had 1.357 million viewers. (SYTYCDC 2 was in second-place on Tuesday this week in sixth place overall.)

Wednesday: CTV Evening News at 6 pm once again grabbed the top spot on Wednesday with 1.405 million viewers, handily knocking down its viewership of 1.1 million viewers last week.

Thursday: And the overall winner this week is… Big Brother 11 on Global at 8 pm! Weighing in at a hefty 1.809 viewers, this reality show tops the Thursday night lineup for the second week in a row and winds up in top spot overall. (Last week, BB 11 attracted 1.268 million viewers.)

Friday: Once again CTV Evening News at 6 pm nabs top spot on Friday as 1.405 million people wound down after a week’s work with a little news fix. (Last week, the daily news show earned 1.1 million viewers.) The closest rival on Friday was Ron James on CBC at 8 pm, way down the list in 24th position with 919,000 viewers.

Saturday: CTV really worked over the ratings this week, grabbing top spot again on Saturday, this time with CTV Evening News Weekend at 6 pm. The show attracted 1.174 million pairs of eyeballs, defeating its previous week’s tally of 878,000 viewers.

Sunday: Sunday matched Saturday, with CTV Evening News Weekend at 6 pm on top once again with 1.174 million viewers, slightly less than last week’s winner, CBC Sunday Night News with 1.311 million viewers.