Pattison unveils Eyewitness

The new web-based proof-of-performance system allows advertisers to keep track of OOH placements in real time.

In a move that it says will improve the way the outdoor media industry does business, Pattison Outdoor Advertising last night unveiled a new web-based proof-of-performance system that lets advertisers track their OOH campaigns.

The new tool, called Eyewitness, is a campaign management system that gives Pattison clients real-time access to their postings as they are executed. It has two primary components: a handheld PDA carried by all installers and a secure, web-based software system accessible to clients. Every time an ad is placed, the installer takes a time- and date-stamped photo, which is delivered to a central database and accessible from each client’s web-based account.

‘For the first time, advertisers can see as quickly as we can when their posting goes up,’ Randy Otto, president, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, told MiC at the launch event. ‘This is absolute transparency and accountability,’ says Otto. ‘If we don’t get your posting up on Tuesday, we get it up on Friday, you know. You can go in there any time, day or night, and see if that posting is posted.’ The new system extends to accessible invoicing, contracts, posting instructions, location lists and proof of delivery.