House depreciates, but stays on top

CTV's Grey's Anatomy also holds onto second place.

Here are the top-ranked shows in Canada (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM Canada, for Sept. 28 to Oct. 4, 2009.

Monday: Although fewer people tuned in, House on Global at 8 p.m. again attracted the largest audience of the week with 3.648 million viewers. The two-hour season premiere of House was a major hit the previous week with 4.426 million viewers.

Tuesday: NCIS on Global at 8 p.m. held onto the top spot, attracting 2.542 million viewers. The police drama had an audience of 2.699 million the previous week.

Wednesday: C.S.I. New York on CTV at 10 p.m. enjoyed a ratings boost this week, attracting 2.77 million viewers. It ousted CTV’s Criminal Minds which precedes it on CTV at 9 p.m., and which had 2.965 viewers the previous week.

Thursday: Even though it lost a main character, this season of Grey’s Anatomy on CTV at 9 p.m. remains a hit with viewers, attracting 2.998 million as the second most-popular program of the week. Grey’s had 3.279 million viewers tune in the previous week.

Friday: CTV Evening News at 6 p.m. is back as the most-watched program on Friday night after a brief takeover by Flashpoint (the Canadian cop drama was most-watched the previous week with 1.882 million viewers).

Saturday: Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) is back on CBC at 7 p.m., and it won over 1.74 million viewers on the weekend. HNIC ousted summertime champ CTV National News, which had 1.267 million viewers the previous week.

Sunday: Amazing Race 15 on CTV at 8 p.m. capped off the week as Sunday’s most-watched program, attracting 2.669 million viewers. It was also the winner the previous week with 2.861 million viewers.