Laurentian Bank cashes in on the metro

Laurentian Bank has launched the most extensive transit buy ever executed in the Montreal subway to promote 72 new ATMs available throughout underground Metro stations.

Last month Laurentian Bank has installed 72 ATMs throughout Montreal’s underground Metro system, and this week, to promote the cash dispensers the bank has launched the biggest transit buy that’s ever been unveiled in the subway. The campaign includes an advertisement inside every single car and at every single stop.

‘We want to showcase a bank that’s very close to its consumer,’ said Claude Lamoureux, VP/GM media at Bleublancrouge, which handled the buy and creative, in a release. ‘Our strategy was to be seen across the network, including in stations usually shunned by advertisers.’

Executions will appear as screens inside cars, on waiting platforms, as both traditional and wild postings and inside the local Metro commuter newspaper. Stations that have traditionally been ignored by buyers because they have less traffic are also included, because ‘the bank’s customers live there too,’ said Lamoureux.

To set up the campaign, in late October Bleublancrouge launched a PR strategy that included inauguration ceremonies for each of the ATM, with actors playing bank director, photographer and inaugural client. The teams rode subways mingling with consumers and promoting the bank machines, overall reaching more than one million people.