Cineplex to show Olympics on the big screen

Content from the Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium will air on 64 Cineplex theatre screens throughout the duration of the Games.

A deal with Cineplex and the Olympic consortium led by CTVglobemedia will for the first time put coverage of the Games on the big screen.

The CTV-branded screenings will run the duration of the Games from Feb. 12-28. Live coverage of events such as hockey, skiing and figure skating will screen at 64 Cineplex theaters in cities including Montreal, Laval, Saskatoon, Surrey, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. The exhibitor will make one auditorium available in each theater location.

‘CTV Olympic Games Broadcast at Cineplex delivers on our commitment to provide Canadians with all the tools and vehicles needed to experience the Olympic Games like never before,’ said Keith Pelley, President, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, in a release. ‘This is a unique endeavour that extends the Olympic Games experience beyond traditional viewing while simultaneously bringing communities together to cheer on Canada’s Olympians as they go for gold.’

The Atlantic provinces will not be part of the initiative, as Cineplex does not operate beyond Quebec. A spokesperson with CTVgm says due to the exclusivity of the deal with Cineplex, it is unable to approach another partner.

From Playback Daily