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Gift Wrap: Heathrow catches couples under giant mistletoe

The London airport hangs a giant mistletoe in Terminal 5 Arrivals to catch couples kissing for a sweet viral vid.

London’s Heathrow Airport recently unveiled the world’s largest sprig of mistletoe at its Terminal 5 recently, hoping to inspire some holiday romance at its arrivals gate – and a little viral-video action too.

The ‘sprig’ – which was a little more than that at 43kg – is made out of 50 feet of steel tubing and 25 stainless-steel balls. It’s suspended three metres above the ground and will greet approximately one million passengers as they arrive at the terminal. The airport says it hopes that over two million kisses will take place underneath it.

It appears couples had no problems getting into the swing of things, and Heathrow has already put out a sweet little holiday video showing the mistletoe working its magic. It has received nearly 12,000 views since it was posted.