Discovery grants Licence to Drill

Accompanied by a microsite, app and online game, the new Pixcom production on Discovery Channel follows two companies in the natural gas-drilling business in the Canadian North.

For Canadians wondering what it would be like to be a natural-gas discoverer instead of an office drone, they’ll have all their answers soon when Discovery Channel debuts its new reality show, Licence to Drill.

Premiering Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 10 p.m. ET, the six-part Canadian series follows two companies as they search and drill for natural gas on a timeline against the changing seasons.

Produced by Quebec-based Pixcom, the hour-long show will also be supported by a microsite on the Discovery Channel website and starting in January, an online game called ‘So you think you can manage a drilling operation?’ and an iPhone app that lets you pretend to be a natural gas driller while you’re commuting to work.

Licence to Drill will be promoted on the Discovery Channel in the last week of December and the online games will become active when the show starts.