American Idol results show stays on top

Idol's performance show on Tuesday night is in second place.

Here are the top-ranked shows in Canada (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM Canada, for Jan. 18 to Jan. 24, 2010.

Monday: CTV’s Big Bang Theory blasted into the top ten this week with 2.105 million viewers tuning in for the sitcom at 9:30 p.m. (Two and a Half Men on CTV was most-watched the previous week with 2.281 million viewers.)

Tuesday: American Idol performance show on CTV at 8 p.m. attracted 3.040 million viewers and was in the second overall spot for the week. (Idol debuted the week before and was in first place with 3.167 million viewers.)

Wednesday: American Idol on CTV at 8 p.m. attracted 3.191 million fans as the top program of the week. (CSI: New York on CTV had 2.472 million viewers as the top program of the night the previous week.)

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy on CTV at 9 p.m. was most-watched of the night with 2.339 million viewers. (Grey’s Anatomy’s mid-season return had 2.267 million viewers the previous week.)

Friday: CTV Evening News at 6 p.m. holds on to the top spot with 1.692 million viewers. (The news program had 1.714 million viewers the previous week.)

Saturday: Hockey Night in Canada Game #1 on CBC at 7 p.m. moves back into the top spot with 1.451 million viewers. (NFL Playoffs had 1.590 million viewers on CTV as the top program the previous week.)

Sunday: NHL Playoffs on CTV at 6:30 p.m. had 2.620 million viewers. (The Golden Globe Awards was the most-watched program the previous week with an audience of 2.896 million.)