Post puts the prize back in cereal

Post Cereals brings the time-honoured 'prize-in-a-box' promotional strategy into the digital age with the new 'Flip the Flap' campaign.

Remember the days when cereal boxes had toys in the bottom? Now we have the 2010 version of that ‘prize in every box’ strategy from Post Cereals Canada, and it’s gone digital.

The ‘Flip the Flap’ instant win promotion runs nationally from March to the end of July across all Post Cereals brands, including icons like Shreddies, Honeycomb, Sugar Crisp and Alphabits. Once the flap is flipped, unique PIN codes inside more than 2.6 million boxes take contestants online to to claim their prize. Every box is a winner, the base prize being free music downloads from digital music service provider/promotion partner Puretracks’ library of over two million songs. Some lucky contestants will walk away with one of 200 Flip Ultra camcorders, three LCD TVs, or three Transat Holidays all-inclusive family vacations to Cuba.

‘We wanted to provide value in every box,’ says Jennifer Dumoulin, director of marketing for Post Foods Canada. ‘And we’ve done that with our music download, but really offer that excitement to have the potential to win a larger prize.’

Developed by Toronto-based Armstrong Partnership, the promo is being pushed online at, on pack, in stores and through weekly flyers. The promotion was designed as an evergreen program, with the intention of looking at repeating it next year with a refreshed prize offering.