Pattison, Mini and Lays top 2010 OBIEs

Three Canadian agencies win at the annual Outdoor Advertising Association of the Americas awards for outdoor campaigns, including Pattison, Taxi and Juniper Park.

The Mini’s daring building-side escapades, a remarkably telltale piece of corn on the cob and a ceiling-top garden earned top honours at Tuesday’s 2010 OBIE awards, hosted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Americas.

Three Canadian agencies earned nods for their OOH work at the awards: Pattison Outdoor won Gold in the ‘Traditional Billboard Campaign’ category for its work for client Shine Dental; Taxi 2 won Silver in the same category for its Mini campaign last fall; and Juniper Park won Gold in the ‘Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign’ category for its innovative decals depicting a potato garden bursting through the ceiling tiles in a tunnel on Chicago’s subway system.

Taxi’s Mini campaign was in good company at the OBIEs, as the BMW brand was honoured with a Hall of Fame award for its many years of innovative OOH. Mini traditionally focuses on OOH, but recently returned to television with two cheeky spots featuring man boobs and moustaches (respectively).