P&G flips Clean Style mini-mag

The company collaborates with Canadian House & Home magazine on a sponsored editorial integration featuring four of its household products.

A beautiful, beachfront Toronto home featured in Canadian House and Home magazine is also the setting for the latest product integration media buy from Procter & Gamble (P&G). Four products – Cascade, Febreze, Bounce and Tide – are featured in the sponsored, four-page reverse cover section in the June issue of the magazine called ‘Clean Style: Fresh Ideas From Procter & Gamble,’ with design guru Lynda Reeves on the front page.

The media execution was a collaborative effort between Starcom MediaVest Group and the magazine’s own editorial stylists – the two have a history of working together for P&G, including an award-winning Swiffer campaign.

Editorially, there are four rooms and four themes to ‘Clean Style,’ which is meant to emulate a Hamptons beach house, explains Mark Challen, VP, communications at House & Home. One room is all about featuring glass, with an ad for Cascade on the opposite page. Another feature is about collections, which add a splash of colour to a room (Febreze), and the ‘accents’ and ‘white’ features are complemented by Bounce and Tide, respectively.

Readers are also directed to HouseandHome.com, where they can partake in a digital scavenger hunt, looking for product placements in different areas of the house during a guided virtual tour by Reeves. Visitors can then drag the various products they spotted into a drawing of the home – if they get it right, readers can win $20,000.

‘It’s one of those integrations that’s so unique, it almost feels like a game,’ Challen tells MiC. ‘It sounds very simple, but it’s at the basis of all great interactions with magazines – what fun games can you do and how can it tie in with good advertiser relationships.’

It’s this kind of interaction and collaboration that has really revitalized print as medium, says Christine Saunders, SVP, group media director at Starcom MediaVest Group.

‘I feel like there’s a renaissance of print,’ Saunders tells MiC. Last month a Cascade ad arranged by the agency dominated the Toronto Star‘s Living section, displaying the product through various folding and page positions. But there’s also the opportunity with print publishers to engage an audience digitally, so that ‘wherever the content flows we can flow with them,’ Saunders adds.

‘I think that just opens a greater opportunity for thinking about magazines differently and Starcom’s just pushing the envelope with that,’ Saunders says.