Hits and Misses: Premiere week wrap-up

Four media pros share their thoughts on the best and worst of last week; Shelton, Alles, Dougherty and Cummings weigh in.

It was a heady time last week as the nets battled for eyeballs with schedules full of new programming. The audience numbers are in, so MiC reached out to four senior media execs to find out if last week panned out the way they anticipated.

What debuts surprised you with better than expected ratings?
Outsourced on Global performed ridiculously well for a comedy with a laugh track. It even performed over 70% better than Global’s own estimates across three major demos – what does that tell us? – Helena Shelton, EVP, trading and accountability, PHD Canada

I expected The Event to do well, but it actually did better than I thought. Blue Bloods did great for a Friday night and I can’t believe how well Outsourced did. I know we are all looking for comedy but this is surely a one-time fluke! – Carol Cummings, director, television services, Media Experts

Which ones disappointed?
I expected higher ratings for The Event. Although it did do well, I was expecting and hoping for higher ratings. It’s the ‘watercooler’ show that everyone is talking about. – Lina Alles, managing director, exchange, Mindshare.

I thought The Whole Truth would do a lot better. The premise is good, but with the change of the lead character from Joely Richardson, it doesn’t come off as that good. – Kim Dougherty, director, national broadcast investments, OMD

Hellcats, although I expect it performed better on F12 to 24. – Carol Cummings, Media Experts

Lonestar disappointed us; we believed it would be strong but it was it was slaughtered by The Event. Even Two and a Half Men followed by Mike & Molly on A-channel did better. – Helena Shelton, PHD

Bets on which shows won’t make it through the fall? (Editor’s note: Our experts were right: between requesting these interviews and publishing this story, Fox cancelled Lonestar.)

You bet! Lonestar, Outlaw, No Ordinary Family, Undercovers, Nikita, Outsourced, Shattered and Men with Brooms. It is a pretty ho-hum fall TV season! – Carol Cummings, Media Experts

Lonestar has already been pulled by Fox after two episodes! I think the next one to go will be Outsourced.Lina Alles, Mindshare

Lonestar and $#*! My Dad SaysHelena Shelton, PHD

I would have to say Lonestar, Hawaii Five-0 and Outlaw. Lonestar is too complicated, Hawaii Five-0 has a high production value but that value had already decreased by the second episode and the characters are boring. Outlaw is just another vehicle for Jimmy Smits, and that seems to be the whole purpose of the show. – Kim Dougherty, OMD

If you had to bet on the hit new show of the season, what would it be?

The Event is great! If they maintain the writing and story it should keep viewers. I have to say that all the tried and trues are doing very well and it is nice to see Glee topping the charts with Modern Family and Cougar Town seeing continued growth. – Kim Dougherty, OMD

I think both The Event and Hawaii Five-0 have a good shot at ‘hit’ status as long as The Event doesn’t go the way of Lost and lose its audience. – Carol Cummings, Media Experts

Based on last week’s performance I’d say it’s a toss-up between Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods, but I think The Event could sneak in there if it’s momentum grows. - Lina Alles, Mindshare

It’s early and we don’t have a solid trend yet, but we believe the real winner will be Hawaii Five-0. Based on two weeks’ data it is holding its premiere audience the best. – Helena Shelton, PHD