Out & about: A chivalrous evening

What do Freshii's CEO and the founder of Doctors Without Borders Canada have in common? The answer will likely surprise you...

It was billed as a ‘modern chivalry symposium,’ hosted by Corby Distilleries-distributed Chivas Regal and featuring two Canadian business luminaries, Doctors Without Borders Canada founder Dr. Richard Heinzl and Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin.

According to the swanky invitation that arrived to our office, an RSVP to the event – held last week at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto – would earn us the privilege of hearing these two gentlemen speak, as well as the opportunity for an ‘exclusive scotch tasting.’ Given that Chivas can run upwards of $300 a bottle, who were we to turn down such a chivalrous request?

So off we went on a lovely evening last week, ready to hear more about living chivalrously and curious about how much different run-of-the-mill 12-year-old scotch would taste than a 25-year-old scotch. And, of course, we set out to learn about Chivas Regal’s brand strategy in Canada.

The speakers were chosen as living ideals of what the Chivas Regal brand represents, Zoe Traynor, brand manager, Corby Distilleries, told MiC during an interview after the event.

‘What Chivas brand values are, these men really brought to life in their careers,’ she explained. ‘Dr. Richard Heinzl represents honour, integrity, chivalry and noblity in the truest sense of the word. And to balance someone a little older and someone a little younger, we brought in Matthew [Corrin], who I think represents someone who has been really successful in the business world, but has done so with integrity and loyalty. He hasn’t had to cut any throats; he has acted with honour all the way along.’

The event was designed to complement Chivas Regal’s above-the-line advertising, Traynor says, which includes TV advertising on specialty channels in Canada and print ads in business, travel, and men’s luxury lifestyle magazines. Corby Distilleries media is handled by Vizeum in Canada while Chivas creative comes from its global head office.

As for the difference between ‘regular’ 12-year-old scotch and 25-year-old scotch, the answer is: a lot. Slainte mhor, Chivas!