Adcentricity syncs up with Environics

A new planning platform from the DOOH company uses Environics consumer data to create campaigns that reach the right consumers at the right time. 

Adcentricity has announced the launch of Consumer Sync, a DOOH planning product that uses data from Environics Prizm C2 to create more highly targeted campaigns.

Adcentricity is a DOOH ad network platform with about 100 different network partners working with them to navigate the industry. In November 2010 it announced a partnership with Environics Analytics that gives Adcentricity access to its Prizm C2 software, which segments Canadian neighbourhoods into 66 unique lifestyle types.

“Consumer Sync provides great insight into consumers and behavioural targeting,” Jeff Atley, co-founder, CMO, Adcentricity tells MiC. “There is a great deal of insight with this tool which isn’t normally available when you are organizing a DOOH campaign. Consumer Sync is able to translate the DOOH strategy and target the consumers which are most likely to buy your product.”

The tool was beta-launched in both the US and Canada, and tested by a US auto manufacturer to target and evaluate DOOH as part of its media strategy, says Atley, declining to name which company used the product. Seven makes and models were identified and cross-sectioned against 25 competitive makes and models. Using statistics from Consumer Sync, Atley says, the company was able to develop a campaign that he says reached consumers most likely to purchase competing automotive brands.

Consumer Sync covers 20 major categories from alcohol and tobacco and electronics and computers to telecommunications and travel. It allows media companies to replace previously used generic consumer profiles with targeted research from Environics, says Atley.

“If you are a telecom company launching a new smartphone, you can engage people in the right markets,” he says. “Consumer Sync is able to evaluate where you are placing ads based on a market potential index, which is a known metric for what is going to work best.”

The myriad of environments available in digital OOH make Consumer Sync an important tool for the industry, says Atley.

“There are over 55 environments which exist for digital OOH, from gas stations to the doctor’s office to Walmart and The Beer Store,” he says. “Campaigns need to be modified and put in place correctly for the audience.”