P&G chooses gyms as venue for intro of Always Clean

Fitness-minded femmes are being offered new cleansing product dispensed in their gym washrooms.

Developed by Montreal-based NEWAD for Procter & Gamble and targeted at women 18-35, Always Clean is the first that-time-of-the-month pad to come attached with cleansing wipes. It’s being launched this month via a passive sampling campaign in washrooms in 57 health and fitness centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

About 170 miniboards inside the washrooms were transformed into sample dispensers of Always Clean samples with $1 discount coupons attached. As well, the front doors of stalls were wrapped with a decal depicting a closed shower curtain and inviting the customers to enter the bathroom stall. Inside, a dispenser illustrating an opened shower curtain is installed. The slogan ‘Feel the clean without the shower!’ explains the benefits from using the Always Clean product. Mirror clings have also been installed in women’s locker rooms, and the initiative is being reinforced with advertising in Nightlife Magazine, an urban monthly owned by NEWAD.