Habbo Home pages going DIY

Habbo's 7 million-plus global users - who include a growing number of brands such as Sprite and Universal Music - will now be able to design and customize their own home pages.

Helsinki-HQ’d Habbo – one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online social networks for teens, and marketers who crave their attention, as well as a growing number of celebrities – will soon introduce a versatile new feature dubbed ‘Habbo Home.’ The site is a joint venture of Toronto-based CHUM Television and Sulake Canada.

While youthful users, who include more than 300,000 Canadians, will get to express their personalities and enhance their social networking activities, ‘select’ brands will be invited to have official Habbo Home pages, which teens can visit for the latest updates and special promotions. Since Habbo launched in 2000, Universal Music and Sprite are among the marketers that have taken part in successful integrative and interactive campaigns on the site.

Among the first celebrities skedded to introduce pages when the Habbo Home pages officially launch on Nov. 27 are youth faves Nelly Furtado, New Found Glory, Ciara, Bowling for Soup, Chingy, 2XL and Lady Sovereign.