Captivate and new partners add content, breaking news banners

Teaming with a bunch of biggie content providers means that Captivate's network of elevator screens can now scroll breaking news banners, plus provide a wider spectrum of programming.

Thanks to signing strategic deals with Yahoo, Wired Magazine,, Conde Nast Traveler,,, How Stuff Works and (green lifestyle site) LIME, Captivate Network is adding breaking news, plus a wider spectrum of content, to its network of wireless flat-panel television screens in the elevators of large office towers. The Toronto office of the Gannett-owned, Massachusetts-based company estimates that its fare is seen by more than 400,000 Canadians daily.

Having breaking news capabilities promises to boost the engagement factor by providing viewers with news developments in real time. As important news breaks, the network will display a red shockwave banner across the bottom of each screen. The banner can be set to run network-wide or in selected cities, based on the relevance of developing stories.

Captivate’s new programming partners will also contribute a variety of content, including business and financial news, world news, political and cultural data, science facts, tips for healthy living, technology news and updates, as well as travel and entertainment news.