MiC K.I.S.S. Pick: LXB brings a flyer to TV

The goal: To show that Quebec's L'Aubainerie chain offers trendy, reasonably priced clothes for the whole family. The strategy: Morph a flyer and a magazine into a hybrid TV spot. Now that's integration . . .

Montreal’s LXB Communication Marketing came up with something conventional and something brand new in a spring campaign for the 40-store Quebec clothing chain L’Aubainerie. The conventional, albeit highly engaging, move was to sign popular actress Nathalie Malette as the face of the brand. The off-the-wall element was morphing print and flyer components and injecting them into a TV spot.

‘We wanted the flyer to be the focal point, especially since it provides customers with a preview of the seasonal merchandise on offer,’ says LXB account director Marie-Ève Côté-Pallascio. So the strategy was to convert the flyer into a hybrid between a flyer and a magazine which, she says, complemented editorial content – a feature story in Moi et Cie magazine plus fashion tips.

The TV spot features Malette creating her ideal flyer and talking about L’Aubainerie products. When the camera pulls back, viewers see she is actually on the cover of a flyer. This element of the campaign is airing on TVA and Canal Vie. The initiative also includes print ads in French-language magazines and regional weeklies. There is also in-store POP advertising, and radio spots for the anglophone market in the metropolitan Quebec area. LXB handled the media buys as well as the creative work.