Toronto’s street furniture bids go live

Three bids for Toronto's coordinated street furniture contract are now public, and the city's put the proposals online and on the streets.

The three proposals for the City of Toronto’s street furniture contract – submitted at the end of January by OOH giants Clear Channel Outdoor, Astral Media and CBS Outdoor – can be viewed at the microsite Display boards showing design renderings from each proposal are also being placed for public viewing at City Hall and civic centres for Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.

The contract will give the winning bidder (and advertisers) access to 25,000 new items over 20 years: 5,000 transit shelters, 12,500 garbage bins, 1,000 bike racks, benches, and 2,500 newspaper boxes. (Click here for MiC‘s Feb. 1 coverage). An independent jury is now evaluating the proposals for the city, with results expected on April 20.

It didn’t take long to hear from at least one bidder after the city went public with the designs yesterday afternoon. Clear Channel Outdoor issued a release almost instantaneously, positioning itself as the bidder with the most ‘environmentally respectful’ offering for the future of Toronto’s streets.