Bridezilla viral spreads to wig out weekend on Much

How could the famous 'Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out' viral video not have a future? Over two million YouTube visitors reportedly went wild over it a few months back, plus media all over the world picked up the story.

Unilever’s Sunsilk and Toronto’s Capital C – which concocted the spot – have figured out how to leverage the Wig Out freak-out’s fame and expand the brand’s positioning as coming to the rescue on those inevitable bad hair days, by enlisting the target demo (females 20-30) as content providers.

In cahoots with MuchMusic, Capital C and Toronto’s PHD came up with ‘Wig Out Weekend.’ For about eight hours of programming May 12-13, Sunsilk has reserved all of the commercial inventory. The brand will fill the 12 minutes per hour, says CHUM Television marketing director Susan Arthur, with seamless, ‘non-traditional, non-disruptive’ spots.

The content amounts to CGC at its best. In mid-April, both Much’s and Sunsilk’s websites solicited consumers to post video of themselves wigging out over hair problems. The best will be adapted for 24 spots that will run for about 100 minutes during the weekend.

Comedian Trevor Boris, host of Much’s Video on Trial, will MC throughout the Wig Out Weekend programming, introducing the shows and the Sunsilk spots and quipping about hair disasters. Arthur says the shows themselves ‘are all themed to complement the Sunsilk brand,’ and include: Worst Celebrity Hair Moments, House of Carters, True Hollywood Stories, and two MuchMusic-produced original offerings called Born To Be.

The payoff for those who are brave enough to let the world see them at their worst includes daily draws beforehand for $100 gift cards from Shoppers Drug Mart and a $10,000 grand prize.