Traveler gets May 30 time slot

CTV's newest addition to the Wednesday slate puts Yale grad students on the run.

CTV is finally premiering Traveler, on Wednesday, May 30 in the 10 pm time slot. Traveler, a new thriller from last year’s Fall TV inventory, tells the story of three Yale grad students who set out on a road trip only to get wrapped up in a national security emergency. Two of them – Matthew Bomer (The Guiding Light) and Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C.) – are framed for the bombing of a famous New York art museum. The series is produced by Warner Bros. and David DiGilio (Eight Below) is the creator.

Traveler is premiering the week after the third season finale of Lost, and the show’s creative team came up with the marketing campaign, ‘There is life after Lost‘ to pump up the premiere. ABC is airing a sneak preview (the pilot episode) on May 10, leading out of Grey’s Anatomy. CTV’s Thursday night line-up (CSI) does not allow for a sneak preview.