Reebok accesses runners with mobile units

Motomedia mobile billboards follow joggers along marathon routes and jogging paths in Vancouver and Toronto.

Reebok has hooked up with Motomedia mobile billboards to support its current Easy Run campaign, which focuses on how relaxing jogging can be. At marathons and other races in Toronto and Vancouver throughout May, the Motomedia vehicle will travel alongside runners. As well, Motomedia is setting up small mobile Reebok Units along jogging paths in the two cities.

‘Along the paths you typically don’t have a lot of media opportunities, and that’s why this is great for us,’ Motomedia’s Craig Hamm tells MIC. ‘We put these little units that are branded with Run Easy in different locations, and then we go in and pick them up and move them to another spot.’

Hamm says the response has been great so far. ‘What’s funny is having the client seeing it by accident all over the place,’ he says. ‘That shows it’s hitting a lot of people.’

Media planning for the campaign was done by Carat in Toronto.