Brilliant: Video boards to switch product display as temperature rises and falls

OBN's work for a wine client is based on the simple truth that consumers like to quaff something cool when the weather gets hotter, and vice versa.

When temperatures in southern Ontario exceed 20 degrees Celsius this summer, OBN’s video boards for California’s Leaping Horse wines will display an ad for its cool, white Chardonnay wine. When the thermometer dips back down, the winery’s red Merlot will appear on the boards.

The Toronto-based Outdoor Broadcast Network achieved the weather-triggered display switches by taking static creative from Toronto’s Stubbs Chapman agency and adapting it to full-motion video. Steven Campbell, whose amusing title at the Lifford Wine agency – which distributes Leaping Horse wines in Ontario – is ‘grand fromage,’ is enthusiastic about the power-of-suggestion strategy, saying: ‘OBN has been very innovative in helping us develop a campaign that puts our fine wines in a relevant environment.’

The campaign starts in about a week’s time and will run in Toronto, Hamilton and Cambridge. Media buys were done in-house at OBN.