Peanuts of protest save Jericho

Fans of the apocalyptic series persuaded CBS to revive the cancelled show for a second season by flooding the net with tons of peanuts.

CTVglobemedia confirmed yesterday that Jericho, the apocalyptic small-town-witnesses-a-mushroom-cloud CBS series, will return to Space this summer and fall.

The show hit the headlines when CBS backtracked on its decision to cancel. The change of heart was prompted by a spirited campaign mounted by fans, who rallied online and began sending peanuts to CBS’ New York offices – via Nuts Online – which reports that the save-Jericho campaign helped them sell more than 20 tons of peanuts. The company, which got involved in the campaign by accident, exploited the unexpected opportunity by building an online community for nutty fans to share stories, photos and other expressions of ‘Jericho Pride.’

Why nuts? Because one of the show’s characters expressed determination to survive a vicious attack by a neighbouring community in the season finale by yelling ‘Nuts!’

Space will air an encore presentation of the show’s first season in the Saturday 7 pm ET/4 pm PT time slot, starting on July 7. The seven new episodes ordered by CBS will air on Space during the upcoming fall/winter season.