Motor City set for November

The six-part mystery series will face stiff competition in its Thursday night slot.

Across the River to Motor City will face Global’s Shark and CTV’s Big Shots when it goes to air this fall, stepping into the Thursday 10 pm slot on most Citytv stations in late November.

Winnipeg will be the first to see the series. The City station there will debut Motor City on Nov. 19 at 10 pm CT. The six-parter will bow on the Citys in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver on Nov. 22. That date is also the 44th anniversary of the JFK assassination, which is significant to the murder mystery at the heart of the series, which is set half in the present day, half in 1963.

The story follows a man whose would-be wife disappears on the same day Kennedy was killed, and when her body is unearthed four decades later, the investigation reopens. Sasha Roiz (pictured – Jeff Ltd.) plays the protagonist back in the ’60s.

This story first appeared in Playback Daily.