Naked Eye Magazine to serve up Canadian celebs

With plans to storm the film fest and push half a million copies across Canada, a title for media savvy boys and gals is set to make a star-studded splash.

The pop culture mag for men and women 18-35, Naked Eye Magazine (, is relaunching during the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, and the title will go nationwide with 500,000 copies on September 12. The Montreal-based pub’s upcoming issue will cover everything from Canadian and international celebs to the dark side of Facebook and armchair activism.

Naked Eye will be published quarterly until late 2008, when it plans to go bi-monthly. The mag will get some pre-relaunch promo on CTV’s eTalk on September 5 at 7:30 pm, along with some coverage on the highly popular on September 6. Naked Eye will also sponsor two events at the film fest.

Only Canadians will grace the covers of Naked Eye as the mag aims to foster the country’s own star system. Actor Ryan Reynolds hits the September cover, while articles include coverage of Canadians like Hot Hot Heat, director Shawn Levy, fashion doyens DSquared and TV’s newest reality mom, Shannon Tweed.