Puma snagging attention during TIFF with 3-D window

But passersby can't get the full effect unless they enter the downtown Toronto store and get branded 3-D specs.

Knowing that hordes of well-heeled film fans were headed to the Toronto International Film Festival, Puma Canada spied a primo opp to showcase new products from its Urban Mobility Line. So the Toronto-HQ’d company engaged local experiential marketing agency Riot Event + Sponsorship to come up with a special attention grabber.

The result is an interactive window installation at Puma’s flagship Bloor Street store. What will vie for attention during the festival’s 10-day run is not just an array of nifty stuff, but some 3-D magic that makes the items pop out at onlookers. The beauty part? The display – along with the message ‘Puma is proud to support moving images of all kinds’ – can only be fully viewed by folks who enter the store to get free, Puma-branded 3-D glasses.

‘We wanted to create something unique that would break through the traditional film-themed storefronts often seen during the festival,’ says Christina Badame-Verdurmen, Riot Event + Sponsorship’s director of experiential marketing. ‘It was important that it was more than just a cool display – that it also ensured consumer interaction with both the window and the store.’