Unlimited targets upwardly mobile millennials

The success-minded 20-35 biz crowd in Alberta has got a new title to watch for this month.

Edmonton-based Venture Publishing is launching a new mag, Unlimited, for a young business audience of ‘millennials’ – the 20-35 demo of upwardly mobile and tech-savvy trendsetters. About 22,500 copies (with a rate base of 20,000) hit retail September 17, including about 7,300 copies across Canada.

The mag will be published six times a year, and content will be available online at UnlimitedMagazine.com, along with behind-the-scenes material such as audio interviews and photos. Venture is also developing a ‘Life Happens’ microsite, a sponsored area on work, school, marriage, travel, financial planning, etc. with how-to articles and interactive tools.

Advertisers in the first issue include Assured Developments, Alberta Blue Cross, thehomeprogram.ca, TEC Edmonton, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Certified General Accountants, GO Design Group, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Servus Credit Union, University of Alberta and the MacEwan School of Business.

Venture has been promoting the Unlimited launch for the past six months through its other titles. Newsstand promotion will hit Indigo/Chapters stores from coast-to-coast. The company is also running a poster campaign with NewAd in RestoBars this month in Edmonton and Calgary, with launch parties planned for both cities. The magazine will get word-of-mouth promotion and a presence at this month’s Word on the Street festivals, and a direct mail promo is also in the works.

At the helm are associate publisher Joyce Byrne (former publisher of This Magazine) and editor Dan Rubinstein (former features editor for Venture Publishing’s Alberta Venture and former associate editor of AlbertaViews).