If a picture’s worth a thousand words. . .

Then a billboard that illuminates several pix sequentially - like the ones now on campus for Arush - should be boffo.

Montreal’s Zoom Media, in collaboration with Toronto media agency OMD Canada, is pioneering the use of electroluminescent paper in a campus campaign for SoBe Canada’s Arush energy drink. The Mega Lit technology enables multiple billboard images to be individually illuminated in a pre-set sequence.

Running until the end of October, the Arush campaign – for which BBDO Toronto did the creative – is targeting students at 21 universities and colleges across Canada with 400 electroluminescent-enabled boards (as well as 27 standard boards).

‘We found the electroluminescent paper and technology to be a perfect fit with both our creative and our brand overall,’ comments Andrea Houstan, marketing manager for SoBe’s energy drinks. ‘We are proud to be among the first companies utilizing this technology in Canada to showcase its products.’