Shoe-shiners and semi-nude mannequins visiting Canadian cities

The experiential campaign is spotlighting Rockport's new 'adidas-powered' shoes.

Yesterday, Toronto-HQ’d Rockport Canada launched a campaign involving 70 scantily clad male mannequins clustered in high-traffic areas of Toronto and Montreal.

Wearing nothing but black boxers, argyle socks, matching ties and Rockport’s new ‘adidas-powered’ Torsion shoes, the figures are part of a street campaign to spotlight the innovative footwear. Smaller executions are slated for Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Over the next two weeks, street teams will hang out with the mannequins and distribute The Detailed Man’s Handbook to drive passersby to to enter the online ‘Making of a Detailed Man’ promotion. To further communicate the message, branded shoeshine stations will also be located in hot spots throughout the cities.

The point of its ‘Be Detailed’ campaign, explains Rockport senior brand manager Lesley Summers, is that ‘When it comes to fashion and style, the majority of men just don’t ‘get it’ (and) need a little bit of help to pull their look together. Our collaboration with adidas introduces the fusion of style and technology (and) reminds guys of the need to be detailed.’

The activation and promotional campaign was conceived and created by Toronto’s Segal Communications, which also handled buys for local radio promotions.