Seagram’s chooses cab-vertising

The liquor company's new Vodka Spritzer is reaching about 130,000 captive consumers per month, thanks to Showcase Media's back-seat touch-screens.

As one way of promoting its new Vodka Spritzer, Montreal-HQ’d Seagram’s hopped into the 100 downtown Toronto taxicabs networked by Showcase Media Group for an eight-week ride.

The interactive, rear-seat venue became available to marketers earlier this month and, in addition to Seagram’s, is being used by Rogers Wireless and Magnotta Wines.

Showcase Media’s screens give marketers access to about 130,000 passengers per month – many of whom will see the ads play several times during their journeys – says Peter Kopelis, president of the Vaughn, Ont.-based company.

The interactive touch-screens offer full-motion flash and video spots, static banner ads and a scrolling ticker. In addition to advertising, the screens feature an interactive city guide with a business directory. A printer beneath each screen enables cab patrons to print coupons, and GPS-activated ads can enable marketers to have specific ads roll to correspond with a cab’s location.

Kopelis says his company’s screens – developed with Toronto’s Road Runner Media – will be added to another 150 in Toronto cabs by the end of this year, and are slated to be launched in several other North American cities in 2008.

‘We’ve been very pleased with the advertisers’ response to our medium,’ says Showcase exec director of sales Adam Watson. ‘Companies are starting to realize the benefits of digital mediums, especially ones that have the ability to connect with mobile consumers in a captive environment.’