House just keeps growing
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Oct. 8-14, 2007

Global's House is gettin' bigga and bigga.

Still at the top, House is moving in on that sweet spot – the three million mark. With a 330,000-viewer boost over its previous AMA, can anybody stop this doc?

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET), according to BBM/Nielsen, for Oct. 8-14, 2007.

News and daily shows: CTV Evening News at 6 pm was the only daily show to stay on the chart. It stepped up one spot to #12 with an average minute audience of 1.407 million viewers (up from 1.372 million on the previous week’s national chart).

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami at 10 pm climbed two spots to #5 with 2.138 million viewers (up from 1.923 million) with no competition on the chart. The net’s Dancing with the Stars, airing 8-9:36 pm, jumped two spots to #8 with 1.801 million (up from 1.657 million). Global’s Heroes at 9 pm fell five spots to #16 with 1.331 million (down from 1.608 million), while Prison Break at 8 pm fell six spots to #22 with 1.141 million (down from 1.254 million). CTV’s Corner Gas at 9:36 pm hit #18 with 1.24 million.

Tuesday: Global’s House grew again, staying at #1 and attracting 2.993 million viewers to the 9 pm time slot (up from 2.663 million). CTV’s Law & Order: SVU at 10 pm stepped up one spot to #7 with 1.899 million (up from 1.7 million). Global’s NCIS won 8 pm, falling one spot to #10 with 1.744 million (up from 1.693 million). CTV’s Dancing with the Stars at 9 pm stayed at #14 with 1.373 million (up from 1.332 million). CBC’s Rick Mercer Report at 8 pm fell six spots to #29 with 898,000 (down from 993,000). CTV’s Pushing Daisies at 8 pm fell three spots to #30 with 896,000 (down from 952,000).

Wednesday: CTV’s Criminal Minds at 7 pm won the night. Falling seven spots to #11, the show attracted 1.649 million viewers (down from 2.123 million in the previous week’s 9 pm time slot). The net’s CSI: New York won 10 pm, falling nine spots to #15 with 1.348 million (down from 1.934 million). CTV’s Private Practice at 8 pm fell eight spots to #25 with 1.083 million (down from 1.202 million).

Thursday: CTV’s CSI climbed one spot to #2 on the chart with 2.369 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot (up from 2.35 million). The net’s Grey’s Anatomy at 9 pm fell to #3 with 2.35 million (down from 2.446 million). Against CSI, Global’s Survivor: China stepped up one spot to #4 with 2.315 million (up from 2.121 million). CTV’s ER at 7 pm climbed three spots to #24 with 1.106 million (up from 988,000).

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer at 8 pm won the night, climbing four spots to #17 with 1.304 million viewers (up from 1.038 million). Global’s Las Vegas won 10 pm, falling four spots to #23 with 1.138 million (up from 1.132 million).

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Game One, airing 7-10:04 pm, fell six spots to #21 with 1.207 million viewers (down from 1.301 million).

Sunday: CTV’s Desperate Housewives at 9 pm kept its hold on Sunday night, jumping six spots to #6 with 2.087 million viewers (up from 1.523 million). The net’s Cold Case took 8 pm, climbing nine spots to #9 with 1.761 million (up from 1.144 million). Law & Order: CI at 7 pm gave another win to CTV, hitting #13 with 1.391 million. Global’s Family Guy at 9 pm stepped up one spot to #19 with 1.239 million (up from 1.092 million), while The Simpsons at 8 pm jumped 10 spots to #20 with 1.234 million (up from 893,000). The net’s animated King of the Hill at 8:30 pm hit #26 with 997,000, while American Dad at 9:30 pm took #28 with 960,000. Global’s Brothers & Sisters at 10 pm hit #27 with 979,000 viewers.

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