OLN to premiere new travel reality series

Seven strangers will travel the world in Land Rovers for nearly two years to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease.

The 13-part half-hour adventure series Odyssey – Driving Around the World will premiere Nov. 13 at 9 pm ET/10 pm PT. The trip was organized by Drive Around the World, an organization that combines long-range driving expeditions with fundraising for charitable causes.

In each episode, seven team members travel the world in Land Rovers that are suited to harsh environmental conditions and fitted with communication and survival equipment. For a journey that will span about two years, 65,000 kilometres and 26 countries, each team member is assigned a different responsibility to benefit the whole unit. There’s the mechanic, the public relations person, the navigator, the logistics and website administrator, the photographer and the writer who document the trip and the team leader – Driving Around the World founder Nick Baggerly.

In the first four episodes, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome and tempers flare among the team members as they visit Aztec ruins in Mexico, participate in a fireworks festival in Nicaragua, descend into the jungles of Costa Rica, dine on sharks in Panama and endure the harsh northern deserts of Peru. The series includes guest appearances by the Dalai Lama, actor Michael J. Fox and film director James Cameron.