And now. . . MooTube?

The uptake was udderly terrific when dairy farmers took their annual mooing milk cartons promo into cyber space.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada and British Columbia Dairy Foundation just wrapped their 13th annual Moo You Win promotion. And – thanks to jetting into cyber space this time around – the results were better than ever, achieving an astounding 85% awareness among Canadians aged 12-35.

That’s saying a lot, given that the initiative involved practically every brand of milk in the country attaching mechanisms to their cartons to create mooing sounds when they’re opened.

‘This year we wanted to add a new element,’ says Corey Ross, who conceived the campaign for Markham, Ont.-based QVS Promotions. ‘We had seen blogs, received emails and even seen little vignettes on YouTube created by young people talking about the mystery of the mooing cartons. We realized there was extraordinary potential for us to create our own campaign leveraging YouTube and social networking sites such as Facebook.’

So QVS created an 18-episode mini-drama featuring two teenagers travelling across Canada searching for mooing milk cartons while being helped by a mysterious figure called the ‘Udderer.’ The episodes were placed on the website, as well as Facebook and YouTube. Each week, ‘moo clues’ led online consumers to a real location somewhere in Canada where a Moo Clue Crew would distribute mooing milk cartons and give prizes to the first 100 people to arrive. The final event took place right next to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The crew travelled across Canada in a Toyota Yaris, which then became the contest’s grand prize. At each event, they highlighted the products of Sony Canada, another partner in the promotion, which provided additional prizing.

During the four-week program, 120,000 unique visitors were attracted to, and more than 70,000 views were recorded on YouTube – where it competed extremely well against not just other marketing promotions, but all the site’s posts.

What produced such success, says Ross, was ‘having creative that’s compelling, humorous and interesting, while not crossing over the line of what milk’s branding is all about – not a simple task, but our creative team nailed it.’

To see the moo clue episodes, visit