Road Hockey Rumble gets second season

This time around, the hosts of the Canuck comedy series travel westward to round up local teams - dairy lovers versus lactose-intolerants, for example - in 13 Canadian towns to duke out their differences.

The second season of Road Hockey Rumble will air Friday at 9 pm ET/10 pm PT, beginning Jan. 4. In each episode of the returning 13-part series, road hockey enthusiasts Calum MacLeod and Mark McGuckin travel westward, stopping in various Canadian towns to settle rivalries through road hockey matches. We’re talking firefighters versus cops, short people versus tall people, dairy lovers versus lactose-intolerants and Canadians versus Americans battling out their differences in road hockey rumbles.

The duo will hit Corner Brook, Tatamagouche, Charlottetown, St. Stephen, Quebec City, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Winnipeg, Rankin Inlet, Moose Jaw, Red Deer, Yellowknife, Dawson City and Maple Ridge. In each town, two teams will be chosen to be captained by either MacLeod or McGuckin.

The captain of the winning team in each city gets to drink all the beer he wants, and to subject the losing captain to a ridiculous, embarrassing and sometimes painful punishment.