Notes from the Mediascape: Geico gecko runs off to zoo

In the latest example of a brand spokescritter using its star power outside the (TV) box, the lovable cockney amphibian is drawing attention to wildlife conservation.

Kicking off in Houston yesterday, a three-year partnership between Geico and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums will take a traveling Geico Gecko exhibit to AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums across the US.

At each stop, an actor costumed as the popular Geico gecko, star of many a TV spot for the auto insurer, will greet visitors. And the non-flesh version of the amphibious spokescritter will be using his star power on behalf of zoos and aquariums in television and radio appearances highlighting his wild cousins.

‘Our gecko has proven to be a powerful spokescreature for our auto and motorcycle insurance products’, says Geico chairman Tony Nicely. ‘Now he’s taking on an additional assignment to help promote the wildlife conservation work done by zoos and aquariums across America.’

The only down side? The little green guy just may develop a career-threatening swelled head thanks to accolades such as the laudatory proclamation issued yesterday by both the City of Houston and the State of Texas.