IAB to enforce Ts+Cs with online publishers

The terms and conditions mandated five months ago are going into force tomorrow.

Five months after IAB Canada announced the creation of ‘Standard Terms and Conditions and Late Creative Policy’ for the Canadian market, the transition period designed to assist advertisers and agencies in incorporating the provisions into their day-to-day business practices, is ending.

‘This is a balanced and fair document for all sides,’ says Dawna Henderson, president/CEO of henderson bas and VP of IAB Canada’s Agency Council. ‘The agency/publisher co-brokered ‘Standard Ts+Cs and Late Creative Policy’ will create a uniform best practice that ensures advertiser, agency and publisher resources are focused back where they need to be – on developing great campaigns and creative – and not on executional logistics.’

As originally announced in October, the following rules will apply to all campaigns booked tomorrow (March 1) or later:

▪ Campaign Cancellation: Minimum 10 business-day notice of cancellation, with a sliding scale of cost implications for less than 10 business day notice.

▪ Late Creative Deadlines: Standard banner ads are required to be submitted to online publishers at least three business days prior to campaign launch; rich media and video ads are required to be submitted to online publishers at least five business days prior to campaign launch.

▪ Responsibility for space/impressions: If final, advertiser-approved, fully-functional creative is not received by the online publisher according to the due dates above, the Advertiser and their Agency are still responsible for all media purchased, pursuant to the insertion order – or up to the point where campaign has been cancelled – and will be billed accordingly. The online publisher does not ‘owe’ the advertiser/agency any impressions missed while creative is late or missing.

▪ Stand-in creative: While late creative is being developed or repaired, the advertiser has the option to run a ‘STAND-IN GIF OR JPG AD’ until the originally-intended creative can be trafficked into the purchased space. If the advertiser/agency does not supply their own ‘STAND-IN GIF OR JPG AD’ – because the advertiser still ‘owns’ the booked space/impressions (and the publisher is not allowed to resell these) – in order to make sure the space is filled, the online publisher can run an IAB-approved, ‘STAND-IN PSA AD’ in its place.

▪ Reporting: The online publisher will append proof of campaign performance to every invoice, and include results for ‘STAND-IN GIF OR JPG AD’ or ‘STAND-IN PSA AD’ creative in their delivery reports, within reporting guidelines as outlined in IO.

▪ Billing: The advertiser and their agency will be billed for the original, full, contracted amount of impressions pursuant to the original IO, which may include any or all ‘STAND-IN GIF OR JPG AD’ or ‘STAND-IN PSA AD’ impressions, as a result of late creative.

▪ Payment terms: In concert with all other traditional media, payment for online advertising campaigns is due 30 days from receipt of invoice.

The initiative has widespread industry support. A list of IAB Canada member publishers who have agreed to fully support and enforce the documents may be viewed at: