GM chooses ‘telescopic’ TV ads

To communicate the benefits of its Optimum pre-owned vehicles, the carco is leveraging's click-into-long-form-ad technology.

Until August, viewers of Quebec’s TVA and LCN networks will be just a remote-control click away from learning more about GM’s pre-owned vehicles.

For a campaign developed by Montreal’s Cossette Media, which handled both creative and media buys, GM opted to leverage the telescopic service offered by (also Montreal-based).

‘We wanted to communicate the unique benefits of Optimum to customers considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle,’ explains brand manager Pierre Martel. ‘While a traditional advertisement may generate some interest, this technology advancement allows us to reach interested customers in a new, more meaningful way.’

Adds VP/GM Ian MacLean: ‘Describing all the extra benefits [that come with Optimum purchases] is beyond the scope of the traditional 30-second ad.‘s end-to-end advanced television advertising management system leverages the on-demand infrastructures of digital television providers to allow interested viewers – through a single click of their digital TV remote – to link from network TV commercials to long-form TV ads of any length.

‘Viewers can opt to watch the long-form content when they first click in or bookmark it for future viewing,’ says MacLean, who adds that his company ‘manages all aspects of campaign set-up and provides near-real time tracking of campaign performance to its customers.’