Glowing tax reminders hit downtown T.O.

As the deadline for filing income taxes looms, software provider Intuit Canada is doing its best to help filers keep on the right side of RevCan.

To remind Torontonians about the looming deadline for filing income tax returns this month, Intuit Canada has been hyping its QuickTax software with wall projections and slogans stamped on various buildings in the city’s downtown entertainment district.

The month-long guerrilla campaign focuses on an interactive QuickTax feature called ‘Deduction Maximizer’ and drives to the company’s website, where tax filers can try it out free of charge.

As well, full-page ads ran in Metro‘s Toronto and Vancouver editions, and interviews were offered to talk radio shows across the country. Maverick Public Relations is handling all elements of the campaign, with Image Projection (both Toronto-based) providing the wall projections.