Inspired Thinking targets wealthy Canadians

The new magazine wants readers to celebrate their success with food, drink and travel.

Winnipeg-based Studio Publications is launching a national luxury lifestyle magazine called Inspired Thinking. Created for high-net-worth clients of Manitoba’s Wellington West Capital, with most of its 50,000 copies set for delivery to those clients, the mag offers expert opinions on the most exciting and innovative happenings on the travel, style and culinary fronts.

The 52-page publication aims to inspire readers to celebrate their success and enjoy the food, wine, cultural and fashion scenes across Canada and abroad. Inspired Thinking will publish twice in 2008 with an initial distribution of 50,000 copies in June 2008.

Lead advertisers include Hartford Investments, Penfolds Wine and Marquis Jet. There will be an associated website for the magazine at that will launch in June.

Studio Publications also produces Winnipeg Women, Winnipeg Men and Urbanite, as well as books such as The Winnipeg Jets – A Celebration of Professional Hockey in Winnipeg and The Italian Way – Cooking with the De Lucas.