Showcase launches Hot Snack Radio

The net is launching a web-only show about three indie-rock nerds running an Internet radio venture - complete with playlists and streaming music for viewers and indie artists.

Showcase debuted a 12-webisode series called Hot Snack Radio last night. The net will premiere two new webisodes every Thursday at, a microsite hosted within

The original comedy series follows three indie-rock nerds who run an Internet radio station, under pressure to deliver bigger numbers for the show’s sponsor, Mahatma Jim’s Frozen Probiotic Organic Samosas. Meanwhile, an uber-cool and sexy female DJ named Sam just happens to go on-air after Hot Snack, and is drawing bigger audiences.

Targeting adults aged 18-35, will function as an Internet radio station, complete with interviews and streamed music playlists featuring original tracks from indie bands and musicians like Chow Chow, Tusks, Chinese Food, Plants and Animals, Miracle Fortress, Prairie Cats, MC More Or Les and Uncut.

Canwest Broadcasting VP content digital media Pary Bell says the show will ‘excite and intrigue our existing loyal audience and appeal to new online viewers as well. It’s a fantastic addition to our website.’

The show is created and directed by Matthew Eastman and produced by Toronto production company Sons & Daughters.