Mini urging consumers to toss their keys

Pedestrians in Toronto looking to offload stray wrappers or empty bottles in a recycling unit are being encouraged to get rid of something more.

Mini Canada has engaged Toronto’s EcoMedia Direct to execute a tongue-in-cheek spring campaign that invites consumers to dispose of their current car keys in specially wrapped recycling bins and ‘get into Mini.’

‘Our medium is ideal for companies that are committed to delivering highly creative and effective street level advertising,’ EcoMedia Direct CEO Erich Genseberger tells MiC. ‘So our SilverBox is the perfect vehicle for companies with environmentally and socially significant product messages.’

With creative by Taxi 2, EcoMedia’s wraps point to the recycling and litter slots of the bins as a place to toss sedan, SUV and minivan keys, announcing, ”Lose’ your car keys here.’

‘It’s a form of media that people really have to interact with, so we were able to develop relevant, media-specific creative ideas,’ explains Taxi 2 associate CD Ryan Wagman. On the reverse side of the bins, the ads display a picture of a Mini with the cheeky message: ‘Sucks less than your minivan.’

The campaign’s out-of-home component is bolstered by a strong online presence.

‘All of the communication elements featured on the recycling units encourage the customer to find out more about ‘Get into Mini’ by visiting, where they can learn more about the Mini-incubator, a device that can transform any vehicle into a Mini,’ says Stephen McDonnell, director of Mini Canada.

While the recycling bin aspect of the campaign is unique to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are also being targeted with super boards, transit shelter and parking lot advertising, as well as resto-ads, all of which drive consumers to the website. Running until Sept. 1, the campaign has an additional online element featuring a banner ad that’s the basis of the brand’s website domination strategy.